Featured Artwork

collage by Deborah Eater

Ode to Joy

I very much enjoyed creating transparent and translucent effects using only opaque papers in this collage.

pencil sketch by Deborah Eater

Meya in Pencil

Drawn in HB pencil in my sketchbook, from a photo in Penn Stater magazine.

Moonrise collage by Deborah Eater


Moonrise began as an abstract doodle in acrylic paint.

Bats in Flight

Bats are very important as insect-controllers and pollinators in ecosystems worldwide.  Many species are becoming endangered, and others are declining from destruction of their nesting sites, indiscriminate use of pesticides, and even intentional extermination due to ignorance.

Deep Calling Unto Deep

I’m particularly pleased with the opalescent effect I achieved using only opaque matte papers.



2 thoughts on “Featured Artwork

    • It does take a lot of time, and it’s always in the back of my mind when I’m reading a magazine or catalog. Positioning the pieces is what really eats up time. I have to fight the urge to spend too many minutes fussing to get each piece exactly right. It’s a good thing I’m a process-oriented person and I love the time I spend absorbed in it.


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