Artist Statement

Like most other artists I feel an insistent compulsion to create, and for me that means  making use of whatever is at already  at hand.  I’m also passionate about caring for the environment and exercising responsible stewardship over the earth.  These are two  reasons I use recycled materials — printed magazines and catalogs are always on hand.  I also take care that my studio practices introduce as little waste or toxicity as possible.

I have a particular affinity for curves, which appear everywhere in my work.  To me, nothing expresses desire more than the curve of a road leading off to unseen distances, nothing better represents contentment than a harmonious arrangement of curving lines.  I’m strongly attracted to the often-overlooked beauty found where civilization and nature come into conflict — weeds growing up through the sidewalk, rutted tracks through an isolated wood, an overgrown garden.  These things often show up obliquely in my work, which is mainly abstract. Rather than presenting a particular object or scene for their inspection, I hope my work will remind viewers of something real they’ve seen and the beauty that was in it.

I believe in a Creator, and in a world created to be beautiful both in itself and as a reflection of the creator’s beauty.  The vocation of the artist is first to develop an  appreciation for, and then to help others experience the creator’s stamp on everything that exists.  Even when its purpose is to shock, startle, frighten or revolt, Art should first and foremost be beautiful. By this I mean not merely pretty or even necessarily nice to look at, but expressing a transcendence that speaks to the spirit rather than the eye.  Everything is a potential source of this type of beauty when viewed from the right perspective or framed in the right way.  It is the duty of the artist to step in to make that beauty accessible to all.


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