In French, giclée means both “squirt” and “splash,” both of which were candidates for the title of this piece, but I couldn’t decide between them.  Are the tear-drop shaped objects dropping from above and creating a splash, or are they anchored below and squirting upward?  Finding a one-word title that expresses both solved my dilemma.
Although quite different in appearance, this collage was similar in concept to another small piece made about a year earlier, Ticklish Rock. Both started with a sinuous curving line dividing the image in two, although in this case I added a second line to create three divisions.  So many of my works start out this way.
The background is carried out in my signature style — see the shading in the orange section particularly. Where this collage departs from my standard practice, and from Ticklish Rock in particular, is where I incorporated intact images as a focal point. This is also one of a only a few works I created with pieces bearing obvious (if illegible) portions of text.  (Parterre is the only other one I can think of.) 
I started this collage at Historic Bristol Day in 2016, while I sat at a table displaying my work in the basement of Community Baptist Church.  I finished it at home — this was still before I found a studio — a few days later.  It sold the first time it was displayed, at a pop-up show at Prallsville Mills, for $150.
5″ x 7″, found paper on archival mat, © 2016 Deborah Eater

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