Challenge: Find the Differences

I’ve written previously about how many times I often end up tweaking a single work of art before it’s truly done.  I just finished a piece I’m calling “Punctuation” and I have photos from just before and just after its final round of adjustments.

There are at least 12 slight differences between the first photo and the second.  Comment below if you think you can name them all, and I’ll tell you if you’re right.

Incidentally, this collage started as a demo for my Creative Collage class.  We examined the work of Jean (Hans) Arp and then attempted to reproduce his self-reported technique.  Not to detract anything from his work, but our combined experience led us to be highly skeptical of Arp’s claim that he pasted his papers exactly where they landed by pure chance.

In this collage, the violet pieces were placed at random as Arp did (?) but with a little creative intervention – dropping the papers from different heights, for instance – to have a small amount of control over where they landed.  The gold background was added afterwards, along with the triangular “punctuation marks” for additional interest.


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