Adult Collage Class

I love teaching almost as much as I love creating art.  At one time or another I’ve taught every grade from pre-K4 through college.  Now I’m teaching adult students at The Barn in Middletown Township.  I just finished a six-week collage class with a small but very talented group of students.  Here some examples of the artwork produced in class:

Week 1 covered the basic materials.  For classes, I use acid-free mat board as a substrate, clear acrylic medium for an adhesive, and every sort of paper imaginable.

materials demo

In Week 2 we concentrated on shape, using positive and negative space, with reference to the work of Henri Matisse.

Shape Exercise by Sue

Our Week 3 class explored different approaches to creating texture in collage – both physical texture and the appearance of texture — by sticking to a monochromatic color scheme for an abstract collage.

Texture Exercise by Susan

Week 4 was used to examine the role of serendipity in planning a collage.  For our model we looked at the “random chance” collages of the Dada artist Jean Arp.

Random Collage by Leah

Week 5 was devoted to the type of collage many people are familiar with, using found images from magazines and other publications.  We took the work of surrealists such as Magritte and Dali for inspiration.

Surreal Collage by Natalie

In Week 6, I passed on some of my favorite techniques for creating painterly collage using cut-up magazine and catalog pages.

I’m looking forward to covering additional topics in my May collage class, then doing it all over again in the Fall.  I’ll also be offering classes in beginner drawing and mixed media (oil pastel + gouache), while others will teach jewelry making and brush painting.  The Barn where all these classes are held is in Community Park on Langhorne-Yardley Road.

(Feature photo: Shape Exercise by Susan)


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