More Inspiration from the Web

Source: Glenfinan Viaduct, Scotland

If you’re at all familiar with my work, you know how much I’m attracted to curves and arches.  I found this beautiful example of both in another very inspirational WordPress blog,  It just so happens that I’ve been dreaming of a trip to Scotland; maybe I’ll even get a chance to see the viaduct in person.

In the meantime, there’s lots of inspiration to be found at Wanderlust Superstars without even having to dust off my passport: more curves and spirals, a number of gorgeous trees (another of my favorite motifs), and even some angular pieces that are compellingly beautiful without even exhibiting a single curve.  Here are a few more of the gems I found waiting on this site:

Sago Palm Leaf, Texas

Source: Sago Palm Leaf, Texas

Spider Tree, Japan

Source: Spider Tree, Japan

Robson Square, Vancouver

Source: Robson Square, Vancouver

I’m looking forward to a good long stretch of studio time when I can start to put some of this inspiration into a collage or two.


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