Recommended Site: inspiration from “Wanderlusties”

I’ve been meaning to write about another WordPress site I started following a few weeks ago.  “Wanderlusties” publishes one gorgeous view a day from locations all over the world, a wonderful source of inspiration for artists.  The “Literary Waterfall” above would be a perfect subject for collage; I can envision doing a whole series based on this one image.

Here are just a few more of their recent posts that I found particularly inspiring:

Christine Falls, Rainier National Park, Washington

Cobblestone Street, Montefalco, Italy

Spiral Staircase, Kew Gardens, London

Some of the images posted on Wanderlusties reflect the unfortunate trend in contemporary photography toward super-saturation, especially in landscape or scenic photography.  As if nature weren’t beautiful enough as it is!  In fairness, that’s not necessarily a curatorial choice by the blog’s creator.  So many contemporary photographers, amateur and professional alike, yield to the easily satisfied urge to push up the saturation just a little (or a lot!), that it can be hard to find decent images in natural light.  As a matter of taste, I prefer those that are less manipulated or at least more subtly done.

It’s also a disappointment that the owner Wanderlusties has opted not to allow any conversation about the images or to tell us anything about himself or herself.  On the other hand, they get kudos for reliability and perseverance, posting multiple times a week with few interruptions.  There’s a wide range of photography, from nature wonders to quaint village streets and inventive garden features (such as the spiral staircase above or a piano waterfall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I recommend this site to visual artists looking for inspiration or anyone who’d like daily dose of color and beauty in their lives.


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