Not Quite an Award But It Feels Like One

The Trenton Museum Society has been featuring my collage, Octopus’s Garden, in their announcements for the upcoming Ellarslie Open 33 juried exhibition.

At first I didn’t even realize it.  Maybe it was because I’d just been to see the invitational ceramics show, Breath of Fire, at Ellarslie and was paying more attention to what their newsletter had to say.  Maybe it was because the Ellarslie Open announcement had moved nearer to the top of the page as the date approached and I was actually seeing it now. Maybe they changed the illustration in their announcement, or maybe I just stopped being oblivious.  At any rate, I suddenly realized that I was seeing my own work in the announcement!

Well, it isn’t exactly the same as being awarded best in show, but it feels pretty nearly equivalent to me.  Realistically, it probably has more to do with the fact that I responded to their request for a jpeg of my work within approximately fifteen minutes — note to self: keep doing that! — than the relative merits of my collage.  Nonetheless, it says to me that not only is my work worthy of being in the show, but it’s worthy of representing the show as a whole.  That interpretation may be more than was intended, but I’ll take it.  The impostor-syndrome demons are kept at bay again for a little while, and I’m even more motivated to return to the studio where I’ve been stalled on how to finish a small piece I’m calling Ikebana.

Incidentally, Breath of Fire is a very fine show but it closes on April 30 so you’ll have to hurry if you want to see it.


One thought on “Not Quite an Award But It Feels Like One

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