Waiting to be Selected

When the prospectus states that a list of accepted (or rejected) works will be posted “by the end of the day,” at what time do you start checking the show’s website and how often do you check back?

I’m still relatively new to juried shows; I just entered my fourth.  Perhaps it will be different after I’ve entered dozens and dozens.  The first three had a notification date a week or more after the submission date; all three actually posted their jury selections the day before their official notification day.  This time the prospectus promised results “by the end of the day, April 5,” just one day after the submission deadline.  I took a peek at the website before I went to bed around midnight on April 4.  Not surprisingly, there was no word out yet.

I did not check the website again as soon as I woke up; that would have been pathetic.  I waited a whole three hours. Still no word.

By this time common sense began to override wishful thinking.  I tried to estimate exactly what “by the end of the day” would mean.  My working days sometimes go into the early morning hours of the next calendar day, but that was hopefully not what the prospectus meant.  Never having juried a show, I don’t know how long it should be expected to take, but working past 6:00 pm seemed like an unreasonable expectation of a juror.  I optimistically decided  to check back at 4:00 pm, and then again around 5:00 pm.

By 5:30 pm I would have started checking at least every half hour, but after an early dinner I became absorbed in a new collage and, as often happens, completely forgot the passage of time.  When I took a break at 10:20 pm, the results had been posted.  This was the first time I’d seen a show post the list of rejected works rather than accepted.  I suppose it was done for expediency: two out of every three submissions were accepted, so the list of rejected works was only half as long. They were at least listed by number and title; listing by name could have been embarrassing.  It felt odd to check the list hoping I would not find my work, and took longer than simply scanning for my name.  I had to triple-check the whole list just to be sure.

The end result was happy: both my collages were accepted.  Red Clover is a small 4×6 piece I finished just in time for the show; Sycamore: March Morning is one that I’d exhibited before but recently tidied up and reframed.  The show, by the way, is Drawn from Nature at the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove in Valley Forge PA.  It’s not a very long show, running for less than a month April 8-24.  Tickets for the opening on April 8 may be purchased online through the Valley Forge Audubon Society website.


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