postcard sized collage copyright Deborah Eater 2015

4 x 6 Revealed

For anyone who attended the 4 x 6 Postcard show at the Centre for the Arts it wouldn’t have been difficult to tell which three pieces were mine, since I was the only collage artist represented.  Still, in keeping with the spirit of the event, I didn’t post any images of the three pieces I donated before the night of the fundraiser. Since this one was purchased, however, I can now reveal what it was.

Ticklish Rock was purchased by Jan Ruano, a friend from Artists of Bristol and a fellow exhibitor at the Mill Street Fine Art Gallery.  It was inspired by a natural sandstone formation that is a favorite point of interest near Eagles Mere, PA.  I had two more collage pieces in the show, but with the unfailing instinct of an artist Jan naturally chose the one that I considered to be the best of them.

The 4 x 6 Postcard show was a one-day event — a two-hour event, practically speaking — to raise money for the Centre for the Arts.  Donated post-card-sized works were displayed anonymously and all priced at $50.  Only after a work was purchased would a buyer discover the identity of the artist (unless, of course, he could tell from the style, as most people could with mine).


Tickets to the catered event were sold for $25, with the price of the ticket counting toward the purchase of a work of art.  Volunteers at the Centre for the Arts received a discount on tickets and contributing artists were admitted free.  The preview began at 6:00 pm and sales at 6:30 pm.  About one-fourth of the work sold in the first half hour; by the end of the night 87 sales had been made.  Between tickets and sales, we raised approximately $4500 for the Centre for the Arts.

For anyone who missed the show, most of the unsold works will remain on display (and available for purchase) at the Centre for the Arts, 308 Mill Street, in Bristol, PA for about one month (or until they’re sold).


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