CFA Postcard Show

The Centre for the Arts in Bristol, PA is holding its inaugural fundraiser with a show and sale of 4 x 6 postcard-sized art.

Now, I can’t show you what I’m entering. Part of the fun of this event is that all work is displayed anonymously: a buyer doesn’t learn the identity of the artist until he or she makes a purchase.  I can tell you, however, that I’m entering three pieces in the show and they will all be collage works in my characteristic style.  There won’t likely be many collage entries — are there ever? — so that should make it fairly simple to identify my work.  Giving you anything more would make it too easy.

Deadline for submission of donated 4×6 art is December 5 (postmarked by December 1).  Complete information for artists is available on the event page — Centre for the Arts 4 x 6″ Postcard Sale and Show — on Facebook. For those who would simply like to attend the show (there is an admission charge) and possibly purchase artwork, there is complete information online at

Proceeds from the show support the Centre for the Arts in its efforts to enrich the community of Bristol Borough in Bucks County Pennsylvania and the surrounding region.


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