This week I didn’t finish any new work.  I spent most of my time on framing instead.


Part of the reason it took all week is that I had more than the usual number of  distractions — doctor’s appointments, a funeral, etc.  Another part is that I don’t have much practice doing this yet, especially with cutting mat board.  I’ve seen the videos where professionals cut a window mat in about 90 seconds but it takes me 15 minutes.  The final reason is my hesitancy to take a knife to costly museum board, but I only ruined one mat in seven tries.

For the most part I do my own framing. I used a professional framer twice; the results were beautiful and garnered lots of compliments.  Still, the only piece I’ve sold so far was one I framed myself.  (I know … sample size of one!)  I have a rule in mind: every time a professionally framed piece sells, I’ll spring for two more.  If framing adds to salability, in no time I’ll be having all my work professionally framed.  If not, then I keep doing it myself.  I do want to keep my local framer in business, but in the meantime it’s one more cost I can’t afford.


The work I’m framing now is my Ribbon series.  I hope to display it at Lower Bucks Hospital from December through February.  This is a series of  six 5″ x 7″ collages  using found papers (from the Princeton Alumni Weekly, Nature Conservancy magazine, and Coldwater Creek catalogs) on canvas board.  I cut double mats from Rissing museum board with an exacto knife, and splurged on new frames, albeit inexpensive ones, instead of thrift shop finds to give the series a unified appearance.


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