Moonrise collage by Deborah Eater

Just in Time for ‘Fright’

I did the study for my most recent collage more than a year ago but it languished untouched while I worked on a million other things.

After I finished ‘Torments,’ the collage I originally planned for the ‘Fright’ exhibit, I thought I just might have time to get a second entry ready for the show.  I remembered the study I’d done earlier.  I had always been rather pleased with it and it had just the right tone, so I decided to go for it.

I was leery because of my experience with the last show (when I finished framing ‘Sunbather’ a mere 1/2 hour before they stopped accepting entries), but that still-fresh experience also had me prepped to work steadily without getting bogged down in details or stalled by self-doubt.  I had a moment, when all I had left was to finish the tree, where I was afraid I’d ruined it.  Fortunately I was able to backtrack and pull out of it.

In the end, I’m so glad I attempted it.  Pushing to finish it on time helped me improve my process — from where I set up to the order in which I tackled challenges – in ways that I’m very hopeful will increase my productivity if I can keep them up.  Even more importantly, I liked this second piece much better that the one I intended for the show all along.

The ‘Fright’ exhibit is on display at the Centre for the Arts at 308 Mill Street in Bristol, PA only until Friday, October 30.


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