sunbathing snake collage

A Good Review Makes My Day

Now you can say you knew me before I was famous.

A picture of “Sunbather” appeared in the Burlington County Times article for the “Call of the Wild” exhibit at the Gallery at Bucks County Community College.  The Bucks County Courier Times also ran an article on the exhibit and had this to say:

“Among the most evocative use of any medium in the exhibit comes courtesy of Deborah Eater, who composes an elaborately coiled snake in her collage “Sunbather.” Using small squares of paper like tiles in a mosaic, Eater composes a large serpent that lolls dangerously but decoratively, in shades of purple, green and blue. ”

Not bad for my first press review.  Credits to Gwen Shrift for the absolutely wonderful description — such a way with words!  I wonder if she’d be willing to help me name my works? — and to David Eater for the photograph.


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